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Turas Tony

BBC ALBA – Monday 1 October at 10pm

Turas Tony

BBC ALBA – Diluain 1 Dàmhair aig 10.00f

Actor and presenter Tony Kearney, formerly from the BBC’s ‘River City’, is once again swapping the comfort of the television studio for another set of four varied and challenging professions, as ‘Turas Tony’ returns to BBC ALBA for a second series.

Produced by Solus Productions for BBC ALBA, ‘Turas Tony’ sees Tony enter working environments alien to an actor’s life.

In the first episode, Tony joins a building firm on the Isle of Lewis, where he gets a real flavour of life as a builder. Tony experiences working in the workshop and out on site, dealing with the unpredictable, variable Scottish weather. It’s very hard work but, as always, Tony gets stuck right in.

Tony said: "I am really excited about getting stuck into another four professions and getting a small taste of each one.

"My Dad was great at everything building related but sadly the skills weren't seamlessly passed on. I gave it my best shot and loved being out on the site and learned a lot from the guys. They were a great team and really supportive. They work really hard too...they are grafters in any weather….I take my hard hat off to them!”

Future episodes include Tony training and working as a ranger on St Kilda. Tony joins the National Trust for Scotland’s ranger team to experience the varied aspects of the job – from the pleasant task of meeting enthusiastic visitors at the jetty to the not so glamorous washing of slippery algae from the jetty steps.

Tony continues: "It has been my lifetime ambition to travel to St. Kilda. It is such an incredible place. What an absolute joy to get to go there and work as a ranger - it must be one of the remotest jobs in the country but one of the most rewarding. Getting to spend time there was a delight whatever the weather!"

The series also sees Tony taking on the role of coach trip tour guide and an air steward.

The first episode of this entertaining four part series will be broadcast on Monday 1 October at 10pm on BBC ALBA.


Tha an cleasaiche Tony Kearney a’ fàgail cofhurtachd stiùidiò telebhisein gus tòiseachadh air ceithir obraichean ùra ann an sreath ùr de Turas Tony.

Anns a’ chiad phrògram chì sinn Tony a’ togail taigh air taobh Siar Eilean Leòdhais. Eadar a bhith a’ làimhseachadh òrd, a’ cur sìos breigichean agus a’ measgachadh saimeant - tha aig Tony ris a h-uile car a dhèanamh! An tèid aige air cumail suas leis na balaich eile?

Ann am prògraman eile san t-sreath, bidh e a’ siubhal gu Eilean Hiort, rud a bu mhiann leis fad a bheatha, ach tha aige ri obrachadh gu math cruaidh airson a leabaidh!

Riochdaichte le Solus Productions airson BBC ALBA, thèid a’ chiad phrògram a chraoladh air Diluain 1 Dàmhair aig 10f.

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